Luca Belli

De la gouvernance à la régulation de l’Internet [From Internet Governance to Internet Regulation]

Abstract: This piece of research aims at examining the various governance mechanisms that allow for a plurality of stakeholders to shape the Internet evolution. The emergence of the concept of governance and the declinations of the notion of regulation will be analysed, on a preliminary basis, in order to understand how such concepts can be … Read more

The value of Internet openness in times of crisis: Net Neutrality, Community Networks and Digital Self-Determination

Article included in the 2021 report of the Autorité de Régulation des Communications Électroniques et des Postes (ARCEP) – “the State of Internet in France”. The report is also available in french here

Net Neutrality, Zero-rating and the Minitelisation of the Internet

The Internet is a general-purpose network grounded on openness, decentralisation and interoperability. Such features have allowed innovation to flourish, lowering barriers to communication, participationand cooperation, thus empowering endusers. ‘General purpose’ means that the purpose for which the Internet is used is not predefined by the operator but can be autonomously decided by the enduser. In … Read more

End-to-End, Net Neutrality and Human Rights

The network neutrality (NN) debate focuses on the effects that Internet Traffi c Management (ITM) practices, implemented by network operators, may deploy on Internet users’ rights and, particularly, on their capability to freely seek, receive and impart information and ideas. Certain ITM techniques are indeed aimed at discriminating against specifi c content, applications and services … Read more

A Discourse Principle Approach to Net Neutrality Policymaking: A Model Framework and Its Application

The question of whether and how to protect the principle of network neutrality (“NN”) is currently one of the most hotly debated topics of Internet policy around the world. As the name may already suggest, NN is essentially a non-discrimination principle that applies to the transmission of Internet traffi c. It prescribes that, in principle, … Read more