Luca Belli

De la gouvernance à la régulation de l’Internet [From Internet Governance to Internet Regulation]

Abstract: This piece of research aims at examining the various governance mechanisms that allow for a plurality of stakeholders to shape the Internet evolution. The emergence of the concept of governance and the declinations of the notion of regulation will be analysed, on a preliminary basis, in order to understand how such concepts can be … Read more

World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit 2022

Dr. Luca Belli attended the 2022 edition of the World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit (WIC Wuzhen). This year, besides participating in two sessions, he will also publish two papers in the Conference’s Outcome Report. On Wednesday, November 9, Dr. Belli attended the “Bridging the Digital Divide” Forum, organized by the China Federation of Internet Societies. … Read more